Weekly Wins: Last one before S

Happy Friday! Hopefully you're either shoveled out from the recent snow, or you're in a state that's warmer than it's been here!

This week went by in a flash due to the snow and I'm not complaining because next week is Spring Break for us! This one had quite a few wins!

~2 snow days, one of which we got to spend as a family since the govt closed too. Ella got to experience her first real snow, and got out in it since she finally wasn't sick for a snow fall.
~Got these cute clothes for Ella for the Summer, and the dress on the right is her Easter dress!
~A new yummy meal discovered from Lindsay thanks to Emily 
~I ordered a new diaper bag backpack because the bag we had just wasn't cutting it anymore. I loved the look of it, but it just wasn't roomy enough and I couldn't keep it organized or find things easily. Thanks to Amazon this one came quick, is roomy, and very organized, and was only $30!
~Thursday's snow day made it so that Ella and I could have a little playdate with my friend MK and her daughter. We had a nice little girls' lunch and hang out together. Pictures were not taken because we both have babies who are constantly on the move haha!
We had so much fun that both girls decided not to nap that afternoon (this was NOT a win for the week)! Not sure what happened there but it was a looooooooong afternoon.

~Which brings me to my last win: I survived. I survived a 10.5 months old being awake for 7.5 hours straight. And can I just take this last minute to give my stay at home moms a shout out? Some days are HARD. I value every day that I get to spend home with my daughter but that doesn't mean they're all easy. And there are moments in those days that I wouldn't mind being at work. And damn, there creeps in the mom guilt when I feel that because there is ALWAYS something to feel guilty over. I love Ella more than I could ever capture into words, but she is also a LOT of work. I wouldn't trade her for anything, but there are moments I'd be ok pausing and taking a wine break hahah.
The buttons on the wine fridge entertained her for about 25 minutes last night and I was 100% ok with it
Let's take a second and cheer on the moms who work. The moms who stay at home. And the moms who survived today, and survived this week. Because, like pimpin'...mommin' ain't easy. 

Hoping your week was filled with warmth and some wins!

{WHW}: Snow Day!!!

That's right--it's the end of March and we have a snow day today! Rarely do we get snow storms this late in March and typically I'd be poo-poo'ing it, but since we haven't used even half of our snow days, and Spring Break is next week, I'm rooting for some extra days with my girl!
Anyway, let's hop into what's hap-"pinning" lately...
I tried out two new dishes this week, both of which were recommended last week by Emily (thanks, girl!!)
One Pot Beef and Parmesan Pasta with Zucchini from Lindsay at Lindsay's Sweet World--simple, relatively quick, and delicious. MG, Ella and myself all liked this one!
Eggroll in a Bowl: this one was super fast, but was really salty for me. I probably wouldn't make this one again, but it was worth the try!
She's off and moving! What started off slowly this weekend with Ella using the walker has turned into this girl plowing full steam ahead on that thing! She is zipping around and I feel pretty confident that we'll have a walker on our hands by her first birthday.
Also, sort of on the baby front (kinda), I've dropped another pumping session, so now I'm only nursing Ella right before bed. That one will likely get dropped next week (or maybe the one after...). It's crazy to have some of my freedom back and not be tied to my pump at work all the time now. I've made it almost to the 11 month mark and I think that's pretty darn good!

Vanderpump Rules: Why is Brittany still with Jax?!?!
RHOBH: Dorit bugs me so much.
Married at First Sight: I'm still very much into this and wondering if any of the couples will make it once the show ends

I'm trying to up my water intake. Since I've stopped pumping, I haven't been as good about downing water like I should.

I got a really strange email from a parent this week at work. I responded, and then got a REALLY strange response from the other parent, that was like 2 pages long and seemed to assume I knew things that were not explicitly stated in the first email from the other parent. Also, the topic is something that is NOT in my wheelhouse so I'm not even sure how it's my problem. Luckily my admin is taking care of it, but wow! Sometimes I'm amazed at the things parents focus on...

Which is one of the reasons why today's snow day is so welcome! We'll see what the rest of the week holds after this storm!
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Weekending: Walkin' and a Rollin'

Once again I'm a day late and a dollar short with my weekend recap--I'm sure you're not terribly surprised by that anymore haha.

This past weekend was a lot of fun, and definitely has me in the mood for Spring Break which is right around the corner (next week!)

My weekend highlights included:

~Getting some pretty flowers and a nice card from my coworkers at my belated birthday breakfast
~Watching this little nugget getting busy with pulling up and cruising all over the place
She's so proud of herself! haha
~Having our neighbors over for wine and cheese after putting Ella down for the night. They were over for 3 hours and it was fun chatting and getting to know them better. We definitely lucked out with having good people move in next door. Luckily their commute home wasn't too bad either ;)

~Saturday morning Ella took to walking with her walker. If you follow me on Instagram you saw the super cute video, and since then she's gotten even faster with it! She's on the move!!
~Cooper has also found himself a helper with getting his toys down for him...
~After Ella's insanely short nap (she has walking to do!!), we all went to the mall to exchange a pair of shoes for MG and I went to Pandora to get the smaller size of the ring MG got me for my birthday last week.

~After another short afternoon nap (grrrr!) we got our little good luck charm ready for a St. Paddy's day party at our friends' house. It was fun seeing everyone, and watching Ella play with some of the other kids there (by play I mean grab them haha), and love on everyone there. She was definitely a hit at the party!
~Ella and I left MG to have some uninterrupted time with his friends around her bedtime and I got home to a poop-explosion that required an immediate bath. Because this would happen when you're solo momming it.
That cute face makes up for the poop I experienced!
~Sunday morning MG ran some errands, and that afternoon we met up with our friends MK, her husband, and her daughter for lunch at True Kitchen. The food was good, and the girls loved looking and screeching at one another across the table--they were a trip!
~When Ella went down for her nap, I got out of the house for a couple of hours to return some things to Carter's (and buy some more of course), and then head to Loft to use some of my birthday giftcards. I ended up getting a cute light pink sweater with tie cuffs, and this shirt which was a Small, but I figured it'd probably shrink a bit in the wash. I know it's time to be shopping for Spring, but I couldn't resist these two pieces.
It has a slit along the sleeves
~I picked up Chipotle for dinner on the way home, and then we went for a quick family walk since the weather was relatively nice out.

~The rest of the night was pretty quiet for us. Right now we have the chance of snow today and into tomorrow, so we'll see if this gets us one last chance as a snow day off or delay. I certainly wouldn't complain!!

Weekly Wins

Happy Friday, loves! It's been a chilly week here, but nothing like what the NorthEast is getting. Hoping you all fare alright with this 4th storm you're supposed to get!!!
This week went by pretty quickly, and was chock full of wins which is always a good sign of a good week!
My wins this week included:

~$50 in gift certificates from the PTA at my school for my birthday! This is a first--usually we just get a single serve package of popcorn from our admin that says "Your birthday popped up again" (which I also received). The gift cards were a nice bonus!

~Pi Day at school, meaning pie for eating too!
~Old Navy having a pi-day sale...and thanks to Brittany posting this pic, I ended up buying a ton of stuff for Ella (including that shirt), myself, and MG.
Too bad Old Navy takes forever to ship their stuff. The one downfall of that place.

~Successfully dropping my first morning nursing session...one step closer to closing the breastfeeding chapter!

~Fun St. Patrick's Day kid-friendly plans at our friends' place tomorrow, and lunch plans with my friend MK, her husband and baby on Sunday on the waterfront. It's always fun when the 6 of us get together :)

~MG's had a work training all week that's closer to home and starts later, so he's been around this week in the mornings which has been nice to have that little extra bit of family time together before we start our days.

~Finally having the heat work in my office after 2 weeks of 50 degree air pumping. It sounds like a silly win, but it has been amazing to not freeze in my office all day every day. (It's still not perfect, but I'm not having to wear my winter coat in my office all day which is a plus)

~Ella's last cold was short lived and relatively painless, and for once I didn't get it!!! Praise!

~A birthday breakfast being thrown in mine and my coworker's honor this morning at work. I love working with a team that celebrates each other!

~All of these ooey gooey, melt-your-heart photos from daycare. From lunch time dates, where Ella gets fed, to sweet kisses and cuddles...these boys love their Ella and it makes my heart so happy.
I'll leave you on that cute note. Hoping your weekend is full of sunshine and fun!

I Can't....

.....when people give you asinine explanations for things. Example: There is cold air pouring out of my vents at work. The building guy comes and takes a temp reading and it says 57 degrees despite the 73 on my thermostat. Then the next day when it happens again, he tells me the system is "very sophisticated" and that sometimes it will pump out cold air in order to equalize the temperature in the room.
Yep, that explains why it's the middle of winter, and for THREE HOURS+ I have cold, 57 degree air pumping on my head. And also, how is that sophisticated?? It's just stupid.

....when people's argument against gun reform is "well, people are just going to get guns anyway"....sure, there are ways around ANY law or whatever. Does that mean that we should just say "Eff the laws because some people are going to break them?" People will find drugs if they want them, does that mean we should just legalize it? People will drive without seatbelts, or drive drunk....I guess we should just not have rules for that either? Doesn't make sense.
And also, no one is trying to take away all the guns. #gettingoffmysoapbox  (Not trying to start a political debate here, just my own personal thoughts on this).

...people who post on Facebook or other social media sites for things like "Let's see who my true friends are by seeing who reads to the bottom of this {insanely long} post and who likes/shares this". If you don't know that I like you based on our relationship, and other things of yours that I "like" then I'm not going to convince you by liking those posts. Nor do I want to.

....when men take selfies. I used to date a guy right before MG who would take selfies. Like in his car or other random places. I just find it weird.

....when someone's entire identity is defined by a title. The title of "Doctor" or "Mrs" is ONE thing that defines you...it shouldn't be THE thing that defines you.

....when nail polish chips within hours or a couple days of a manicure. So frustrating!!

....when a place that is known for something, runs out of it. Like walking into Chipotle and being told theyre out of chicken, steak, and fajitas. Uhhhh isn't that like 90% of what youre supposed to have???

....when people request things of you SUPER last minute, time and time and time again. Another instance with lazy coworker this week!!!! Can't even take it!

....when my DVR is recording two programs and I'm trying to watch a third. I know, #firstworldproblems right?? :)

What are some things that you can't stand??

{WHW}: First Bday Planning

Yes, you read that right...I'm in the beginning stages of planning Ella's first birthday party. How this is possible, I'm not even sure because it feels like just the other week we were bringing her home!
My SIL in New Jersey offered to host Ella's birthday party including a bouncy (which my BIL rents out on the side). It'll be a party with just family, so relatively low key, which is a-okay with me. There's plenty of time for big birthdays, you know, once Ella actually remembers them haha.

Anyway, I've gone the totally predictable route and turned to Pinterest for good ideas, and I think I've found some cute ideas to try and incorporate.
Ironically, this girl's name is Ella, too :)
I love the idea of the floral headband, and the tutu around the highchair. She actually has this exact highchair, so I see doing something like this.

I also have all of Ella's monthly photos in the rocking chair in her room, next to her stuffed elephant that I could put on something like the hoop above, or this:

This cake is gorgeous, and I just love the gold hearts, too!

I could see her in an outfit similar to these two:

The tutu is probably my favorite, but who doesn't love glitter shorts too?

A fun extra, would be something like this for a makeshift "photo booth"

And I'd love to snap a fun photo like one of these of my girl on her special day:

For mamas who've already done the first birthday, are there any things that you did that were super cute? Or things that didn't go well? Give me your thoughts!

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Get in My Closet!

Every day I feel like I get an email from Loft with a sale, or new items, and I do my best to not even look, but now that I have a birthday gift card burning a hole in my wallet, I've been doing a little perusing.
I decided that if I had a super power, one of them would be to make any item I saw online and loved, appear in my closet--that'd be a good one right?

These are all items I've found during my leisurely online window shopping that I thought I'd share with you (this is NOT a sponsored post, but damn Loft SHOULD pay me for my advertising hahaha)

I'm loving these fun earrings--I'm not sure I could pull them off, but I'd maybe attempt it (definitely not around baby though or I'll no longer have ear holes hahah)
I actually have a top almost identical to this (from Loft--shocker), and this reminds me that I need to pull it out as soon as the temps allow
This dress makes me picture myself at a winery for the day, enjoying some wine and cheese and just relaxing with gorgeous weather:
This is actually a link for the shirt, but I think these shorts are super adorable! That scalloped edge has me all heart-eyed over here!
Wrap dresses are amazing, and this one makes me think of being in the Hamptons for a weekend...you know, in my Sex And The City alter ego life hahah
I have a problem and the first step is admitting to the problem. I'm a sucker for lacy white Loft tops...there I said it.
This top is a great transition piece, with Spring florals--I'd totally be ok if this showed up in my closet one day!
And then for good measure, I saw this top at Target which is simple, but would go with so much, and it's only $5!
What have you been seeing this season that you wouldn't mind making an appearance in your closet?