Tuesday, October 25, 2016

{Recipe Files}:Buffalo Chicken Zucchini Boats

You guys ready for another delicious and pretty healthy recipe?
My friend Trish told me about buffalo chicken zucchini boats and I was all over trying them--luckily I did and they were a HUGE hit in our house!
What You Need:
~2 large zucchini
~1 can chicken breast, drained (or 1 lb chicken shredded)
~2 Tbsp flour
~1/2 tsp pepper (original recipe called for 1/2 tsp salt, but I dont think you need it)
~1 carrot, shredded (I used a few baby carrots and my food processor)
~1 rib of celery, diced (I left this out since I didn't have it)
~3/4 C shredded cheddar cheese, divided
~3 Tbsp buffalo sauce
~3 tbsp ranch or blue cheese dressing
*Optional: 1/4 C blue cheese crumbles (I left this off, but they would be delicious)

What You Do:
1. Preheat your oven to 350F then line a baking sheet with foil (and spray) or a baking mat (no spray needed). 

2. While the oven is heating up, cut your zucchini in half lengthwise, then using a melon baller or a spoon, scoop out the middle of each half. I left a little bit of a lip at both ends so it would help hold the filling in on either side. (I had a grapefruit spoon which really helped). Reserve about 1/2 cup of the scraped portion for the filling.

3. In a bowl, mix the chicken (make sure there are no chunks if using the canned chicken breast), flour, pepper (and salt if using), carrot, celery, the 1/2 C of zucchini filling, 1/2 C cheddar cheese, buffalo sauce, ranch/blue cheese dressing and the blue cheese crumbles, if you're using them.

4. Place the zucchini with the scraped side up, and fill each boat with the mixture. It's ok if these are heaping (this makes a lot). Top with the remaining cheddar cheese.
5. Bake for about 30 minutes and enjoy!
We had ours with an extra side of the blue cheese dressing and it was delicious! They were also still good as leftovers the next day!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Family Weekending

I'm coming off of a really nice weekend with my in-laws and some full Fall weather! And just like that, we're in the last week of October!

The highlights this weekend included:

~a gorgeous sunrise Friday morning
~Friday sushi date night with MG
~This lady walking in at the end of our dinner with a tortilla chip stuck to the back of her vest....in the Asian restaurant (where they don't serve tortilla chips)
~Attempted watching the movie about Steve Jobs. MG managed to stay awake but the Friday night tireds came over me

~Saturday morning we had casual weekend coffee (my favorite), breakfast and cleaned up around the house for my in-laws' arrival
~I baked some cinnamon swirl muffins which had the house smelling even more delicious than the candles we had burning
~Spent the early afternoon catching up before getting ready to head out to dinner

~Stopped by the mall since we were really early and looked at furniture stores. Ended up finding the softest, most comfortable sheets at West Elm. Bigger score--they were 20% off!
~Went to dinner at Founding Farmers--we had some drinks while we waited for our table, and then my MIL and I split the lobster mac and cheese, and the crab cakes. Both were SO good! #sharingiscaring
~Came home and immediately changed into sweats because....elastic waistband haha and watched the new Ghostbusters (lame) and then the start of Saturday Night Live before to bed

~Had breakfast together Sunday morning at the house, then the guys went off for a bike ride while I got in some time cuddling with the dogs....when they weren't staring out the front door
~Had my jaw on the floor when I saw the types of dresses some of the high school 16 year olds are wearing to Homecoming now. Uhh, for the record, if I have a daughter and she ever came home with a dress like the middle one (or as tight and short as the right one), I would send her ass back to the store to return it. My SIL said the dads were super uncomfortable there (rightfully so!!!). So glad my niece knows how to dress appropriately because this honestly made me sick. They are 16!!!!
~Had lunch at YardHouse before my in-laws hit the road to head back home

~ran errands for the week and had a really low key rest of the night which included finishing watching the Hamilton doc on PBS (if you haven't seen it, definitely watch it, especially if you're obsessed with the Hamilton soundtrack and Broadway show like I am)!

And with that, the weekend was over, and we're back at it with another work week!
Hoping yours was perfection! :)

Thursday, October 20, 2016


Today is my parents' 37th wedding anniversary. And it's the first one that my dad isn't here to celebrate with my mom. 
It's another one of those "firsts" after losing someone that you realize. Sometimes you see the date coming up and it's almost like you dread it. And other times, life is busy and you realize the day before and it kind of smacks you in the face. Either way, it's not easy.

I'm sad for my mom that this is the first wedding anniversary that she won't have my dad around for. I know the best thing that I can do is to be here for her and listen if she needs it, and offer hugs and support.

Life isn't fair sometimes, but I will say this again: I'm so lucky to have the kind of dad who was so good, that he's missed so much.
Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad. I love you both, to the moon and back.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

WHW {#63}

Happy What's Hap-"Pinning" Wednesday, friends! 
Reading ...
Memories of Heaven by Wayne Dyer
Love all of the spiritual stories in this book from kids. It's definitely been my nightly happy place read.
Watching ...
All the Bravo shows (as always), including Yours, Mine, and Ours which has become a new favorite in our house. MG and I also got on the Designated Survivor train and are really liking it. And we discovered West World. Holy crazy--totally great show if you have HBO!
Well, I told you guys about that delicious smores dish from our triple date night on Saturday, but then on Monday I made a tomato tortellini soup (despite the 80 degree weather outside) and oh my word, it was SO good. MG and I both slurped it up to many "mmm's" and "this is SO good"s. Will be posting the recipe soon!
Looking forward to ... 
MG's parents are coming into town this weekend for a visit, so it'll be fun to catch up with them and we already have a delicious restaurant picked for dinner on Saturday night!

that certain high maintenance families in our county would wake up and realize that the world doesn't revolve around them. And also wishing that our county would start sticking up for teachers and staff more than they do, instead of allowing hours and hours of pointless meetings, and bending to the will of these crazy pants parents. I jokingly/semi-seriously said to MG the other night that I feel like we're only a few steps away from parents water boarding us in meetings to get what they want.

Enjoying ...
the last bit of Summer weather. Although it feels kind of out of nowhere, the last little kick of 80 degree weather has lent itself to some nice after-work walks and outdoor activities before it goes into full blown Fall again.

lemon and cucumber infused water. It is OH so good and refreshing!

on my friend who lost her mom to breast cancer last week. It's the first time a close friend of mine has lost a parent since I lost my dad, and it's brought up all of the emotions I felt during that time. I've been doing my best to be there for her how she was for me. It's just never easy, but it's better knowing you have people to lean on and love you.

Wanting ... 
for it not to be true that Luke Perry is really on the cover of AARP magazine 
Where's the young, hot Dylan McKay I'm so used to seeing? Oh, right...he got older, like me lol

Wearing ...
well, because of the 80 degree weather my dresses and capris have gotten one last run around the block which was a surprise since I'd already changed out my closet.

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Grateful For...
friends and family who willingly listen to your troubles from the day so you can vent, get it out, and move on.

Now it's your turn to link up with Jessi and I to share what's hap-"pinning" with you!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Three Things

My buddy Stephanie posted this little Q&A the other week and I thought it was fun, so I decided to borrow the idea from her!

Three things I'd never give up
Chapstick, Cheese, the Loft

Three favorite vegetables
baby carrots, cucumbers, cauliflower

Three shows I watched faithfully from beginning to end
The Good Wife (although this was a massive binge), The Cosby Show, Gilmore Girls

Three places I want to visit inside the US
Hawaii, Nashville, Napa

Three places I want to visit outside the US
Portugal, Spain, Amsterdam

Three things I always have with me
Chapstick, hairbrush, a pen

Three things that are always in my car
Spare pair of sunglasses, change for meters, charger for my phone

Three most recent phone calls were to/from
My bestie Genna, MG, my friend Kelly

Three books I read and loved in college
I can't remember what books I read in college other than textbooks, so I'll share three of my favorite books overall:

Bread &Wine, The Royal We, Harry Potter series

Three most often used makeup products
eye shadow, eye liner, concealer

Three things that make me laugh
MG pretty much daily, funny kids, Cooper in crazy dog mode

Three things that make me cry
thinking about my Dad, sad parts in movies, when people lose pets

What are your three things?

Monday, October 17, 2016

Weekending Highlights

Wasn't it just like a second ago that we were talking about it being October first and all of a sudden it's mid-October. I feel like time really is warp speeding forward!

Our weekend was pretty relaxed and chill, but had some highlights as well!

~Friday date night in our old stomping grounds and then came home and got caught up on Designated Survivor before heading to bed early since we were both wiped from the week

~Did some cleaning and purging and took a huge car load to Goodwill. Always feels good to purge!

~Ran to the mall to exchange something at Loft (surprise surprise) and then picked up these yummy smelling soaps from Bath and Body Works for $2.95 each!
~Had the Fall candles going in the house, with the windows open, letting in the crisp Fall-ness

~Went out to DC and tried out a new-to-us restaurant, Teddy and the Bully Bar, with two other couples. The apps were great, and our entrees were so so, but the dessert....my friend and I decided to split the Smores dessert while MG split another dessert with her husband. We by far won the dessert picking, because the Smores dish was SO delicious and decadent. My pancreas definitely went into sugar shock afterwards haha
just looking at it reminds me of the yummy goodness!
~Got home a little before midnight and headed to bed

~Sunday morning errands, including a trip to Costco to get a new Sonicare toothbrush since mine has decided it's possessed and randomly turns on and off buzzing which scares the crap out of me when it happens while you're sleeping. Ask me how I know this.

~Met up with our friends Emily and Dave who we haven't seen in a bit, to watch the Eagles/Skins game. MG is an Eagles fan and I've been a Skins fan since my dad used to watch them growing up. It's a fun inter-house rivalry we have going on every time our teams play. Luckily for me, my Skins pulled out a win and I politely rubbed it in MG's face :)
~Lots of apps and drinks were had. And perhaps one or two...or a thousand bud lights lol
~Headed home to some gorgeous mid 70 degree weather and relaxed for the rest of the evening before another work week with some Cooper cuddles to round out the weekend :)

So, overall, we got in some friend time but nothing too nuts. It was a great weekend and the weather could not have been better!
Hoping your weekend was gorgeous too!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

Thankfully it's already Thursday! Although it's one of my two busiest days of the work week, it means we're that much closer to the weekend, which makes me happy (no I'm not wishing away my days, but this girl likes to relax on the weekends!)
Anyway, before all of that, I'm sharing some random thoughts and confessions this week with you!

~The other day on my drive to work I sneezed twice right before making a turn at an intersection, and my life flashed before my eyes #ahhhhhhh
~There was an entire tray of leftover cookies in the teacher's lounge from lunch we had the day before and I totally took 3 of them (but I didnt eat them all in one day, promise!) #greedy
~I woke up on Tuesday morning and it was 45 degrees outside, and suddenly I wondered if I was still in Minnesota. I wasn't. 

~There's a tech person at my work who insists that I should be at meetings that I don't need to be at. All of my information is the same (or less) than what the teacher knows and can share, so WHY is this woman insisting that I'm there? #I'mattwoschoolsforareason #aintgottimefordumbmeetings
~If you put corn flakes on a bowl of ice cream, it makes it taste like you're eating an ice cream cone #funfact 

~Anyone else ready for this election and all of the nonsense around it to be over? I think I was ready about 6 months ago. #makeitstop
~I have to test a student who used to go to my school, but now goes to private school, even though this kid isn't going to be coming to my school again, because the parents are trying to prove that our school system should pay for her private school. So now I have to make room in my schedule to get this done in the next week... #thisiswhatyourtaxdollarspayfor

~I never understand people who speak at regular volume (or louder) in public places like trains, airport gates, etc. It's like you have no respect for the people around you who are just trying to mind their own business, not take part in yours.  #STFU
~I had a 5th grade boy bring an apple with him to my room. After a few minutes I looked over and the apple was gone and he hadn't gotten up from his seat. He ate the whole thing including the core. Whaaaaaaat??? #someoneshungry

~Delta has Biscoff cookies as one of their in-flight snacks and when I got those, my day was complete! Biscoff cookies are the best!!
And with that yummy note, I'm off!
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