Wednesday, March 29, 2017

WHW {#86}: My Pregnancy Essentials

Happy last Wednesday of March, and another round of What's Hap-"Pinning" Wednesday!
Before I get started with some of my pregnancy essentials, can you all take a minute and let us know if you still like the link up? We are getting less and less interest as the weeks pass by and are just wondering if it's still worth it for Jessi and I to host this link up weekly?
The best thing that I realized after writing this all out is that you can get it all on Amazon!

Belly Bands
this isn't the exact kind that I got, but it gives you an idea of what they look like
These are what helped me extend the life of my non-maternity jeans during the first trimester. They helped to keep the ever-widening gap between the two flaps of my jeans (that were less and less easy to button and/or zip), flat so that it wasn't obvious to the whole world that my pants weren't closed up. After getting some great maternity jeans (motherhood maternity Indigo Blue brand are my faves!), I've just been living in those from second trimester on.
Link to the ones I got on Amazon: 2 pack for $15.69

The Spoiled Mama Tummy Butter:
 I heard about this one from Owen, and then saw it a few more places. It is pricey, but it goes a LONG way (I've been using it since early in the first trimester and am just getting to the end of the jar now). So far, no stretch marks (even though I know that's more hereditary than anything). I like that it goes on and dries pretty quickly so it doesn't feel oily or sticky for a long time. It's perfect to rub on after the shower and give my growing bump some love.

Baby Bargains book (they have an updated version as of April 2017)
This book was the perfect supplement to all of the amazing mama recommendations I had from friends. The hard part about getting so many recommendations is that a lot of them are different and you're stuck right back where you were before. This book goes through the pros and cons of all things baby (cribs, carriers, strollers, bath supplies...etc etc) It really helped me narrow down even further from the recommendations I got from friends, in addition to the cost of it all. It definitely helped me figure out my registry.

Hiccapop Wedge
My SIL got this for me around Christmas when I was just getting into my 2nd trimester. It helps as a wedge for your back (to keep you from rolling onto your back), or under your belly for some extra support. I've used this later in my pregnancy for between my legs since my most painful situation is when I've been laying on my sides all night and my hips hurt. I didn't find the need for the huge pregnancy body pillow, but some people might. This was definitely a nice solution for me. Added bonus: it has a soft side and a harder side, so you can flip back and forth depending on your needs.

Baby Center App (not available on Amazon)
This one is still being used because it has good information for every day of your pregnancy. Plus the weekly updates about how big your baby is, and how your baby is growing and developing are great--it's part of our weekend routine to read about what's going on with Baby G for the week ahead. Added bonus? It's Free!!
Another good one is What to Expect, however I found the app to be a little overwhelming with information about pregnancy and after pregnancy stuff. Baby Center kept it nice and simple for me.

These were some of the staples for me-- hopefully they help any newly pregnant friends out there!

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Monday, March 27, 2017

Weekending: The One with Girl's Night

Can you guys believe it's already the last week of March? Like seriously I feel like time is FLYING by!

My weekend wasn't terribly busy and I didn't take many pics. In fact, I only really took two...and one of them was on Snapchat that I didn't download to my phone so I only have one to show for it.

My weekend highlights included:

~Friday night girls night to celebrate me and my friend Cali's birthdays earlier this month

~Dinner at one of my favorite restaurants and lots of fun with my girls!
~Saturday morning we ran to Costco for some things and then stopped by our condo to chat with our friend/tenant

~Had lunch at home and then went for a 2.5 mile walk around the lake by our house since the weather was in the upper 70's.

~Busted out our zero gravity chairs to enjoy the deck (and it also feels heavenly on your back when you're in zero gravity)

~Started a new book after finishing The Power of One

~Sunday was supposed to be nice weather again but it was chilly and overcast all day, making me just want to stay inside and watch tv/movies and that's what I did.

~Chatted with my SIL's on the phone, just catching up

I also got some loads of baby clothes, sheets, bibs etc done so pretty much everything that I have right now is washed and ready to go (minus the things I'm keeping tags for since we don't know how big she's gonna be or how fast she's gonna grow).

So like I said, it was a pretty low key weekend overall, but the girls night was definitely a high point! :)

Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Fun!

Even though I've been totally off on what day it is all week, I'm happy to report that it is, in fact, finally Friday!
This week was a good one, albeit busy at work, and had some fun stuff come along with it!

~These PJ's~
{via} $19.99  the piping is a light pink color
In my prep to have my hospital bag ready, I read that I should bring a comfy pair of PJ's with me that button in the front, which I don't own, so I went to the mecca that is Target and picked up these OH SO COMFY pj's. They are SO soft and the Small fits me now (given, not entirely well), so I think post partum, they'll fit even better. If you're looking for a super soft and cozy pair of short pj's, look no further!

~Mail Days~
don't mind the one on the left--I had already taken it out and then tried to put it back for the photo #fail
Don't you love when something arrives that you totally forgot about?? I won the SwaddleDesigns giveaway on Brittany's blog a few weeks ago, and since then had totally forgotten about it. Then when I got home on Wednesday, I had a package waiting for me which I figured was another baby shower gift. But when I opened it, it was my set of 4 swaddles! And I had seriously JUST added this exact set to my registry that morning because I realized I was lacking in the swaddle/receiving blanket department. They are super cute and soft and will be washed this weekend in prep for baby!

~Butt Massages~
Yep, you read that right. One of the highlights of my week is getting butt massages. At our birthing class we learned various massage techniques that help relieve pressure/pain, and one of them was lower back/butt massage (lots of pressure points in your butt!). This week particularly at the end of the days my lower back hurts quite a bit, so MG has been a godsend and has been massaging my lower back and one spot on my butt that is SO super sore. God bless that man. And BOY does it feel good!
Cooper has always been a cuddle bug, and my pregnancy hasn't changed that (he just has less room to cuddle on now). Case and point is this photo from Wednesday night:

~For Laughs~
I mentioned it yesterday, but seriously check out BOTH of the Chapelle stand up specials on Netflix. MG and I watched the second one last night and at one point we were both laughing so hard we were crying (and I almost peed my pants). If you like Chapelle, and have some free time this weekend, definitely put it on.

How I felt walking into my coworkers office and seeing the most monstrous cupcake I've ever seen in my life
When you want to play with your friends' baby but he's too distracted to pay attention
What I think when I hear the saying "dance like no one is watching"
When my husband asks what the packages by the front door are
Me, on Friday, at the end of the day
Hope the day is quick, and the weekend is gorgeous! Catch you loves on Monday!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thursday Stuff

It's Thursday, which means the weekend is peaking its head out! I've been a day ahead all week, so today feels like Friday to me already. Womp womp!
While I get myself adjusted to what day it is, I thought I'd share my randoms with you!

~I don't understand why some people can't respond to an RSVP. It's not that difficult in the digital age to send an email or a text and say "Yes I can come" or "No I can't come". Two people didn't RSVP at all to my baby shower and one person RSVP'd at 5pm the night before my 11am shower. We didn't make the effort to track them down and ask--if you don't have the time to RSVP, then I don't have the time to ask you again.
~Ever since MG and I got the dresser for baby G's room, and we hung up some of the art for the room, I can't stop going in there. I organize something here or there, or just sit in the glider and look around. It is quickly becoming my favorite room in the house!

~I love when people try and give you advice about something that they know nothing about. I get trying to be helpful, but if you don't know what you're talking about, just empathize and keep it moving.

~My school is undergoing renovations (while we're here) and part of the new wing of our building is going to be ready, in theory, by the start of next school year. And guess whose office is part of the new wing? This girl's! I also found out that I'll be keeping an office with a window (something that now that I have, I dont want to give up). I've also made friends with the manager of all of the construction and he said he'd hook up my room. Hellllllzzz yes!

~My good friend Kelly (who is now done with chemo and radiation and is coming back to work today!!! Woohoo!) was super sweet and planned a birthday dinner for me and our other friend (who is the one whose gonna be watching our little girl next year). There are 6 or 7 other girlfriends coming from work and I'm really looking forward to it. One of the things I love most about where I work are the amazing friendships I've taken from it. 

~I took my 33 week bump photo (been trying to be better about doing these every week now since you never know when baby is going to come). I'd say it definitely looks like I swallowed a pineapple lol
I also love that when I send these to my MIL she always asks how we get the sticker on the wall behind me lol

~MG and I watched one of the Dave Chapelle stand-up episodes that are on Netflix (he has 2) and it was really funny! Definitely worth watching if you like Chapelle and have some free time!
{via} Click on the link to watch the trailer for the specials
~I have a list written out of all of the things I need for my hospital bag (or, all the things I THINK I need) and am planning to put it together this weekend. It's a little overwhelming, though.  #TypeAmuch? #holyshitthisishappening

~I got my TDAP shot yesterday (which was covered by insurance) and it didn't hurt that bad, but this morning it feels like someone punched me in the arm. A small price to pay to vaccinate me and baby against RSV/whooping cough, and one more thing off of my to-do list! #checkcheckcheck

One more day until the weekend! Hoping your week's been going smoothly!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

WHW {#85} Currently....

Happy What's Hap-"Pinning" Wednesday, friends! 
Reading ...
I just finished The Power of One last weekend, and have now moved on to Heading Home with Your Newborn: From Birth to Reality. I've been reading a little every night and it's got some good information which is helping me feel a bit more prepared. For soon-to-be moms, I recommend it!
Watching ...
Bachelor is over (and I say "thankfully" under my breath) and I'm pretty sure that Nick and Vanessa will last about 2-3 months tops. They just did NOT seem happy at all at the ATFR show and all they talked about was how things were so hard. 
RHOBH is probably my top spot now, but I did check out one of the episodes of Sweet Home Oklahoma on Monday and I enjoyed it enough to keep watching.
But, I really can't wait for Southern Charm to come back in April!
whatever I can make work into my GD diet, which thankfully hasn't been too hard when I'm at home/during the work week. Meals on the weekends are more challenging because I'm lazy and don't want to cook/meal prep 7 days a week, but I'm getting the hang of it.

Looking forward to ... 
my shower in PA next weekend, and having an idea of what we have, what we still need, and getting it all ready for baby girl's arrival!

Enjoying ...
baby kicks :)

still loading up on water all day errrrrryday. I've managed to meet my 80-100 ounces every day which I'm pretty proud of. I also manage to go to the bathroom to pee about 80-100 times a day now too, which is also a new accomplishment for me lol.
I did indulge in some Diet Coke this past weekend and I felt like a rebel. This is what rebellion looks like now haha

that Spring is finally here, and the longer, lighter evenings. It's been so much easier to get a walk in after work (when the weather cooperates) and I see many more after-work days like that, too!

Wanting ... 
to stuff face with pizza without thinking about the consequences
Wearing ...
A mix of warmer weather clothes and colder weather clothes because Mother Nature can't seem to decide whether she wants it Springy or Wintery lately. Last week we had snow and ice, this week we have 60s...then today 20s-40's. So basically I just wear layers and layers.

getting my TDAP shot since I've heard it hurts and it might not be covered by my insurance. But with RSV running rampant, it's best for baby girl, so we'll go and get the shot. But I don't wanna!! haha

Add caption
Grateful For...
a report of a healthy baby at our appointments on Friday. Baby girl is measuring right on track and everything looked nice and healthy at the ultrasound!

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Monday, March 20, 2017

Weekending Highlights

Happy Monday--did you get your fill of green beer this weekend?
Obviously, green beer wasn't in the cards for me (and I'm totally ok with that), but it did have some nice highlights, even though it was a relatively low key weekend overall.

My highlights this weekend included:

~Mexican food for dinner (baby happily kicked in approval) at Chuy's. We can't get enough of this place!
~a quiet night in watching Manchester by the Sea which, to be honest, was SUPER depressing, long, drawn out, and I wish we hadn't watched it. The acting was good, but it was SO long and depressing. I wouldn't recommend it.

~Saturday morning we ran some errands at the mall, had lunch at home (leftover Mexican from the night before) and then headed over to our friends' place for a post-St. Paddy's day get together.

~We were only planning to be there for a couple of hours and ended up being there for 6. Time flies when you're having fun, right? We got to see and play with our friends' twins (lots of smiles and laughs) since they came for a bit, too. Cute kids definitely become the entertainment for the group get togethers now haha

~Sunday morning we ran our weekly errands in the rainy weather. Luckily things cleared up after a bit, though.

~Got in some baby prep reading with one of my new baby books--feeling a bit more prepared for this life changing event...or, as prepared as I'll feel anyway haha
(anyone else expecting, I recommend this book--so far. I'm about 1/3 of the way through and finding it pretty helpful).

~in the afternoon, we decided to go and see Logan, the new X-men movie. My only stipulation for going was that it had to have reclining seats for this preggo, which it did :) It was good, but very heavy and kind of dark--not like the typical Xmen movies at all. If you like the series though, you'll probably like the movie.
~We picked up Chipotle for dinner since it's one of my approved meals that doesn't set my sugars too high, plus I just don't love cooking on Sundays. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, this time my numbers sky rocketed to the highest they've been. Hoping that was just a fluke :/

The rest of the night was pretty uneventful which is my perfect way to spend a Sunday evening.

Hoping your week is off to a good start after a great weekend :)

Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday Happies

Happy cold, blustery St. Patrick's Day which also happens to be FRIDAY!!!!
We've had our fair share of Winter weather this week (and our one and only snow day, plus two delays) so the week has felt like it went by pretty quickly!

With that, though, come some happies to wrap up the week!

~Dresser/Changing table addition~
On my day off from work, MG got home early and we went to IKEA to get the dresser/changing table that we'd wanted to get the previous weekend but traffic prevented from happening. MG set to work building it while I made dinner and, you guys, I'm SO in love with the room now! 
I hung up the art work from my shower and that little corner of the room is so sweet. I find myself wandering in there multiple times a day either to put things away/organize, or just sit in the glider and think about the coming months.
I'm smitten.

~Baby Showers~
Last weekend was my baby shower which I've written about a ton on here already, but yesterday my coworkers threw me and two other pregnant ladies a baby shower! Since it was for the 3 of us, I didn't expect much beyond a small gift and some cake (which would have been MORE than generous), but I left there with so many gifts, I couldn't carry them all! I feel truly blessed to work with so many wonderful people who have really become my family over the past 5 years.

~Surprise Mail Days~
On Wednesday I got a surprise delivery on my doorstep from my buddy Lynn. Inside were all kinds of SUPER cute clothes that Evie no longer wears, plus some goodies for mama, too. I couldn't stop awww'ing at all of the little outfits and adorable little shoes that kept coming out of the box, especially the little holiday outfits (since our girls are going to be about the same size at each holiday). It was such a nice surprise, and Baby G will definitely be wearing some clothes from a stylish little girl in the months to come!

~All By Myself~
On the one snow day, I was feeling antsy with my nesting and didn't have the dresser yet, so I set to building our baby swing by myself. MG has laughed at me wanting to build things since my shower last week, but happily obliged putting together the Rock N Play last weekend. Well, the Snuggapuppy swing was insanely a bit more involved, but I did it! All by myself I put that sucker together AND it works! Winning! MG chuckled as he walked in the door and said "you couldn't wait, could you?" hahaha
It's also HUGE, and now takes up residence in our living room until such time that baby outgrows it lol

On another person win note, I have all of my thank you notes done from my shower this weekend, in less than a week's time! Thank you, Bachelor, for being the background noise for my note writing :) Also, in the day of computers and typing, my hands are not used to writing so much! haha

~Getting to see baby girl today~
I have my next ultrasound at the hospital this afternoon where we'll get to check on baby girl and hopefully see/hear that all is well. As nerve-wracking as the ultrasounds can be, I always love getting to see her tiny little body moving around in there and knowing that everything is ok. Hoping for more good news today, and some more good photos!

Those are my happies for the week--all of them involved something baby related, which I guess is kind of the stage I'm in now. Baby mode in full effect, so I apologize for all the baby talk now :)

Hoping you all have a fabulous weekend ahead, with warmth and sunshine on the horizon!
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